Senate’s General Committee Members Voted

The President of the Senate, Marcel Niat Njifenji on March 19, 2019 chaired a plenary sitting of the Senate after the constitution of permanent members of the bureau of the House. At the plenary, Marcel Niat Njifenji took time to read out the names of those proposed by the different political parties represented in the House to be elected into the nine (9) different committees that make up the Senate. Shortly after, the Presidents, Vice Presidents and Rapporteurs of the committees were voted.

The election of members into general committees at the Senate is in respect to the stipulations of Section 25(1) of Law N°2013/006 of June 10, 2013 relating to the Standing Orders of the Senate. It clearly states that each year after the election of the Bureau, the Senate shall set up nine general committees for consideration of matters referred to them and each committee shall comprise at least ten members.

Meanwhile, the nine committees that make up the Senate include; Committee on Constitutional Law, Committee on Finance and the Budget, Foreign Affairs Committee, Committee on National Defence and Security, Committee on Economic Affairs, Planning and Regional Development, Committee on Education, Vocational Training and Youth, Committee on Cultural, Social and Family Affairs, Committee on Production and Trade and Com mittee on Resolutions and Petitions. With the March session of Parliament on course, bills tabled before the House will be diligently scrutinised by members of the concerned committees depending on its nature.

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