Secondary Education: More Guidance Counsellors Needed

Mr.  Jean Ernest Massena Ngallé Bebihé, Secondary Education Minister, chaired activities in Buea last Friday to mark the 14th Edition of National Day for Guidance and Counselling.


Drug addiction, sexual attraction, neglect of studies, bullying, stealing are among the plethora of iniquities plaguing the student community in Cameroon. These iniquities were underscored by Dr. Ekuka Molindo, an expert Counsel from the University of Buea, as he delivered a talk before the Minister of Secondary Education at the Molyko Bilingual Grammar School to mark this year’s 14th guidance counsellors day last 14 October, 2016.

The Minister of Secondary Education, Jean Ernest Massena Ngallé Bebihé, in the company of South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, and the Secondary Education family, indicated that the principal mission of the Ministry of Secondary Education is to sensitise all students to be conscious of the negative effects that can hinder their studies. On the choice of Buea to mark the celebrations of the 14th Edition of the National Guidance and Counselling Day, he said it is due to the fact that all the Regions of the country are equally important to the Government.

Focusing on this year’s theme, “Guidance and Counseling for the Fight Against Moral Decadence in Schools,” Dr. Ekuka (himself a guidance counsellor) called on all the guidance counsellors to employ all available approaches to bring students to order. Various speakers took to the rostrum and hammered on the need for taking the moral aspect of students’ education very seriously as it would shape who they become in future.

The South West Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, Apale Itor Johnson, stated the number of teachers, students and schools in his sphere of command. “There are 141.531 students tutored by 11.590 teachers across the South West Region. From this number of teachers, 160 are Guidance Counsellors. This gives a ratio of one guidance counsellor to 884 students”, he lamented. The Director of Guidance Counselling and School Life in the Ministry of Secondary Education while accepting that there is a growing and general need for more guidance counsellors across the country to march the teachers-students ratio,  outlined strives undertaken by the government to increase the number.

A point the principal of Bilingual Grammar School Molyko, Hannah Mbua Etonde, saluted as she presented the guidance counsellors in the Bilingual Grammar school Molyko. Choral singing, traditional dances, a live newscast, exhibition of creative work of arts by various secondary schools marked the celebrations in Buea.


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