Secondary Education: Minister Suspends 13 Fraudulent Officials

Personnel of the Ministry of Secondary Education, who in one way or the other have been involved in fraudulent acts, are currently living in fear. The axe of Damascus has fallen on some 13 officials in the ministry accused of fraudulent acts during the 2017 examination session or violated their professional deontology.

The Minister of Secondary Education, Nalova Lyonga, in separate decisions signed on April 27 and May 2, 2018, has suspended 13 officials from their functions.

According to decision No 164/18/MINESCE/CAB of 27 April 2018, the Principal of Guider High School in the North Region, Oumarou Guilva was suspended from his duties for a period of four months because he breached public morals. The Regional Delegate of Secondary Education for the North Region and the Sub-divisional Delegate of Secondary Education for Mayo–Louti Division are to ensure that the decision is applied.

In another decision, No 165/18/MINESEC/CAB of 27 April 2018, Nalova Lyonga suspended eight officials from different secondary schools in the country due to fraudulent acts linked to the 2017 official examinations.

Those concerned are the Principal of Ombessa Government Secondary School in the Centre Region, Janvier Boliong, Director of CES of Elig-Nkouma, Essaga Onana Francis Didier, Discipline Master of Government Secondary School Monatélé, Betek Léon, Director of CETIC of ‘Olanguina, Belinga Belinga Bienvenu Bertrand, Principal of Government Secondary School Mozogo and the Discipline Master, Gbariel Sali and Jean Luc Andjoubai respectively, Victor Tematio of the Computer Service in the West Region and Alain Mendim who is Principal of CES Mang-Yemissen.

According to decision no 166/18/MINESEC/SEESEN of 27 April 2018, Ayafor née Awodu Adiza, Head of Department of Studies and Internships at Government Bilingual Teachers’ Training College in Kumba, South West Region, was also suspended from her duties for four months due to fraud and misconduct in the organisation of the Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude of Teachers of Nursery and Primary Education examination last year.

Furthermore, decision 168/18/MINESEC/SEESEN, 27 April 2018 also suspended Itoe Bridget Belie, for four months from her post as Director of the Bilingual Training School of Teachers of General Education in Kumba for fraud and misconduct in the Examination of the Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude of Teachers of Nursery and Primary Education in 2017. 

Another decision also suspended Eyebe Abega Justin from his functions for four months as head of Administrative and Financial Service of the L’ENIEG in Ntui. He is guilty of lack of professional ethics.

The Divisional Delegate of Secondary Education in the Ocean Division, Bikanda Marcel Mauger was also suspended from his post for a period of four months due to corrupt practices linked to the 2018 examination fees.

Such decisions from MINESEC boss are strong signals against corrupt practices in the secondary education sector.

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