Seat Of Institutions: Cameroon Remains Fertile Ground

Cameroon continues to play host to a record number of organisations of regional, continental and global character. The nation’s capital Yaounde has been everwelcoming to accommodate the country offices or headquarters of multi-disciplinary outfits of international repute.

Many observers of the polity hold that the trend can be largely attributed to the peace and security that reigns in the country, of which President Paul Biya has been the guarantor. The hospitality of Cameroonians and the diplomatic prowess of the Biya government cannot also be overlooked.

Across the board; from education, sports, business and finance, to security, agriculture, research, and ICT, Cameroon plays host to at least one institution of international character. Just recently, a Memorandum of Understanding was reached in Beijing, China, for Cameroon to host the headquarters of the Central African Office of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR).

The inter-governmental institution set up in 1997 carries out activities in Latin America, Asia and Africa, with 19 African countries, including Cameroon, as members. Cameroon has also been very friendly to United Nations agencies. No fewer than 20 UN agencies, funds and programs have different projects running in the country.

Counting as part of the UN System in Cameroon, the presence and work of UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP, OCHA, UNESCO, WFP, FAO, WHO, amongst others, have been very conspicuous. The country is also host to a number of international organisations and development agencies.

Amongst them are the United States Agency for International Development, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Japan International Cooperation Agency, International Committee of the Red Cross, African Regional Training Centre for Labour Administration, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Transparency International, and African Intellectual Property Organization.

In the domain of education, Cameroon is the proud host of the Pan-African University’s Institute for Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences (PAUGHSS), at the University of Yaounde II, and the University of Buea, The country equally accommodates the Pan- African Institute for Development -West Africa; a model African institute in the area of development.

There is no gainsaying that the newly formed Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) Stock Exchange Market will be in Douala, while the Bank of Central African States had long taken seat in Yaounde.

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