SDF Convention: Delegates Deliberate Innovative Political Strategies

They are tailored at face-lifting the party in certain localities and reconquering lost territory.

The 9th elective convention of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) is on course in Bamenda since yesterday February 22, 2018 with over 2000 delegates, partners and observers working to revamp certain aspects of the party.

The opening event at the Bamenda Congress hall featured guests amongst whom were North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, Representative of the US Ambassador, Country Representative of Freiderich Hubert Foundation, and former Minister Titus Edzoa.

Holding within a context of a nottoo- good socio-political situation in the North West and South West regions, Party Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi hailed the Governor, guests and delegates who braved threats to be present at the convention summoned to elect party officials, designate a presidential candidate and take pertinent decisions that would promote democracy in the country.

Day one of the convention featured presentations of commission reports and setting of working committee to deliberate policies that should help the SDF positively impact the political landscape of Cameroon.

Party Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, in his policy speech highlighted some SDF tremendous achievements. He regretted the socio-political tension which has brought about hate speech, destruction, slow economic activities and brutality in some areas in the Anglophone regions.

He recognized the frustration of some Cameroonians who now threaten everything including the SDF Convention. Fru Ndi frowned at the personalisation of grievances by some. The SDF chieftain boasted that his party remains the voice of reason and an assurance for change needed by Cameroonians.

He believes 2018 will be a turning point for challenges facing the nation. Fru Ndi again announced that he will not be part of the competition for a presidential candidate.

Today, which is the second day of the Convention, activities will include the election of the party’s National chairman, election of members into the National Executive Committee (NEC) and designation of the party’s presidential candidate.

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