Scientific Research: Draft Budget To Promote Innovation

The 2018 draft budget of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation Stands at FCFA 8.8 billion.

The Minister of Scientific  Research and Innovation (MINRESI), Madeleine Tchuinte on December 2, 2017 in the Committee on Finance and Budget of the National Assembly defended the draft budget of the ministry  for the 2018 financial year that stands at FCFA 8.8 billion, registering an increase of FCFA 216 million  from that of 2017.

In a presentation, the Minister explained that FCFA 2.11 billion, representing 23.97 per cent of the global envelop will serve as the investment budget and FCFA 6.69 billion, representing 76.02 per cent of the total budget will be the operating budget.

FCFA 3.841 of the operating budget will be staff salaries and FCFA 305 million will be deductions withheld by the Ministry of Finance for water, electricity and telephone expenses.

The priorities of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation in 2018 will be to valorize scientific research results and promote innovation and technological development. The Minister said the priorities will be carried out under two programmes. This first programme is the intensification of research development and innovation.

This programme will be carried out through actions such as the reinforcement of research for the modernization of the production system, strengthening research for infrastructure development, strengthening research for human capital development, and promotion and support  for technological innovation.

The second programme is governance and institutional support for the research and innovation sub-sector. It contains actions such as the coordination and monitoring of the activities  of MINRESI services, strategic studies and planning at MINRESI, improvement of working environment  and conditions in the ministry and finally programme management.

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