Salutary Coalition!

Heads of Police Units from West and Central Africa are returning to their respective countries certainly filled with terrorism-combat ideas after two-days of brainstorming in Yaounde on how to tackle the growing ill that is rocking the region and the world. The conclave was arguably a great moment for the participants to exchange information, strategies and intelligence reports.

A timely conclave indeed given that terrorism is a common enemy. Although perfection is not of this world, attaining near excellence in combating an enemy as dangerous and complex as terrorism requires innovation in strategies and synergy of action. Unity, they say, is strength and Africa absolutely needed the fortitude to rise above development-retarding terrorism activities. Their atrocities and threats constitute immeasurable drawbacks to a good level of socio-economic development that Africa needs to emerge. They kill, destroy and force States to focus scarce resources on combating them rather than investing in life-changing projects.

Eradicating the upsurge is synonymous to giving States the tranquillity, attractiveness for substantial investments, and much more the financial stability needed to make any country great. The Yaounde come together therefore offered the Police Chiefs a rare opportunity to analyse the current situation, update the database of INTERPOL and to seek ways of better federating their human and financial resources for a safe and secured sub region. Salutary coalition indeed!

As they settle in their countries and posts of responsibility, the challenge hence will no doubt be to apply what they learned and agreed in Yaounde for two days. Coming massively to share experiences on the prospects, as they did through the just-ended forum is, to say the least, good.

Adapting what they mutually agreed to their respective contexts to knock off the enemy is even better. Understandably so as terrorism knows no bounds. In fact, it has no friend but permanent interest of causing pain, harvesting from where it didn’t sow and impeding growth.  This shows the magnitude of the damage the destroyer always carries. Forming a joint front against it and revising notes on the efficiency of action vis-à-vis its intricacy was thus indispensable. 

Partnering to ensure its extermination can only be a constructive move. Sustainability in the struggle demands respecting commitments in intelligence services and financial contributions.  Feed-dragging in any of these could sound like connivance with a common and perilous enemy. God forbid! Let the visible enthusiasm live on for terrorism in the continent to belong to history.

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