Sale of African Migrants: Efforts To Repatriate 600 More Cameroonians Reinforced

The Libyan Ambassador to Cameroon held a press conference in Yaounde yesterday November 23.

The Libyan Ambassador to Cameroon has said efforts are being reinforced to facilitate the repatriation of hundreds more Europe-bound Cameroonian migrants stuck in Libya. Ambassador Khitounie Mohammed was speaking at a news conference held at the Libyan Embassy in Yaounde, November 23.

He said there are currently 600 persons in Libya claiming to be Cameroonian migrants. He said it is hard to identify them because most migrants destroy their identification documents.

“Today someone will tell you he is Nigerian; tomorrow he will say he is a Cameroonian and the day after he will claim a different citizenship” he said.

As such, young Cameroonians have formed a grouping known as “Collectif Non a L’esclavage” to facilitate the return of their fellow countrymen.

Ambassador Khitounie Mohammed presented some members of the collective during the press conference. Its Coordinator, Sidick Nsangou told reporters the embassy is offering the organization visas and flight tickets.

They will travel to Tripoli to join local and international NGOs and civil society organizations to identify and repatriate Cameroonians.

Meanwhile, the Libyan Ambassador, while condemning the torture and sale of African migrants in Libya, called on the public to watch against negative propaganda against his country.

“There are some gangs carrying out organized crimes in Libya in collusion with the international community. Our government has set up a commission of inquiry. They will reveal the truth and possible culprits will be tried and punished” he said.

It should be recalled some 250 Cameroonians were brought to Yaounde on November 22 with the help of the International Organisation for Migration and governments of Libya and Cameroon.

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