Sacrificing Their Tomorrow for Our Today

Every nation has a future and works towards building it. Incidentally, the future of a nation cannot be constructed in future but rather in the present. Those who build or destroy the future of a nation work in the present. In other words, the Cameroon of today was conceived and constructed by the Cameroon of yesterday. For this reason, the Cameroon of today must work hard to build the Cameroon of tomorrow. Nation builders in most cases are the youths whom society continues to consider as the spearhead of every nation. In fact, they are the solid foundation on which the country stands. Education happens to be one of the important lubricants of performing youths. That is why countries of the world put in a lot of resources into it. Cameroon is no exception. Of the FCFA 4,373.8 billion State budget for 2017, FCFA 608.8 billion representing 14 per cent is allocated to the educational sector (Ministry of Basic Education, Ministry of Secondary Education and Ministry of Higher Education).

The social unrest ignited by teachers of the Anglophone sub system of education which government had started examining and taking action unfortunately took a different turn. In effect, the teachers and the government all seemed to have understood the importance of improving the educational standards of the said sub system and were working towards it when politics glided in and thwarted all that was being hatched. The results have been quite devastating for the children, many of whom are still to come to terms with what is happening. A whole school year has gone past without any headway and many children have unavoidably transformed themselves into houseboys and girls, truck pushers, teenage farmers, bandits and prostitutes. Some have gone the family way.

The question on many minds is whether politicians could not find a different instrument to satisfy their political ends. The present state of affairs has set the country in more confusion as the new school year opens. Fear has gripped the nation, particularly the population of the North West and South West Regions. Will schools fling their doors open? How safe will it be to send children to school? If at all children get back to class, how will they catch up with what they missed last year? Many other questions keep lingering in many minds. Whatever explanation that can be given to justify the strike action, one thing remains clear, the future of the present batch of children will never be the same because it has been out rightly compromised.


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