Rural Women Ask For Subsidies

The illiteracy rate of the rural woman, poverty and worn out soils minimises efforts to bolster agricultural production


Agro-pastoral production in the Wouri Division could witness significant increase if farmers were given more financial and material support. In spite of the many support programmes, production is barely increasing necessitating the need for more support.

Current production of egusi and cassava, pigs, fish and poultry, which are essential in household meals in the Wouri, which should enhance lives of farmers are being affected by poverty, lack of or insufficient inputs and poor education level of the rural woman. Among the problems enumerated by women from the rural and semi-rural areas of Wouri is the need for processing equipment. Inputs like fertilizers because soils are worn out, farm to market roads to bolster agriculture difficult. The women made the revelation at the Wouri Prefecture August 23, in the presence of the Divisional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment and Promotion of the Family, Hortense Kingue.

They made their request for financial and material subsidies. However, there exist a good number of programmes through which farmers obtain financial and material support to bolster agriculture. Presently, government is bent on switching to second generation agriculture in which mechanisation is vital. There are also efforts to encourage processing before exportation. Programmes such as the Improvement of the Competitiveness of Family Agropastoral Farms (ACEFA), Best Breeders Competition, PEA-JEUNES, PIAASI, PAJER-U and the setting up of Incubation Centres for cassava processing in Douala and Sangmelima are all measures to support agricultural production and improve the lives of farmers.


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