Rom Rock: A Veritable Tourist Attraction!

Rom rock is arguably the most prominent physical feature associated with Nwa Subdivision. Conspicuously planted in the neighbourhood of Rom village, it instills excitement and fear in travelers. It is the unavoidable link between Rom and Mbem villages through which only four wheel drive vehicles jerk and bump over the four kilometer distance covered by the colossal and intimidating feature. Nyanganji Job Indi, an elite and Vice President of the  Mantung Cultural and Development Association (MACDA) told Cameroon Tribune that what serves as a road across Rom Rock is traced to the   Swiss Association for  Technical Assistance(SATA)  in the 1970s. He said it took time and extra engineering knowledge and effort for SATA to crack the rock, and that the sounds of the operating engines terrified the population beyond borders, creating panic as far as Ndu and Nkambe. Nwa elite have made tremendous effort to pave the rocky path. 

Away from that, Rom Rock is a tourist attraction par excellence. Virtually every passenger goes home with souvenir pictures of the impressive and massive chain of the rocks, characterized by different shapes and sizes. Inhabitants of the neighourhood however dismiss any mystical stories around Rom Rock. They rather think the natural feature offers good ground for athletes to train towards the Mt.Cameroon Race of Hope. The rock is a true test of stamina for those who undertake to trek or run up to Mbem and back.

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