Road Networks In East Region: Firms To Make Roads Passable All Seasons

Public works firms carrying out maintenance or construction works on some road networks in the East Region have been called upon to ensure that the roads are passable throughout the year. The Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi told the concerned contractors to make sure the roads at no point in time cut off anywhere.

Minister Nganou Djoumessi gave the recommendation, amongst others, during an evaluation meeting he held with his collaborators and contractors to assess the level of execution of road projects in the region. The meeting took place in one of the board rooms of the ministry in Yaounde, Tuesday November 20, 2018.

During the meeting, majority of the contractors complained of delays in the disbursement of payment. It was noted that the hiccup in getting project funds was the main reason for the slow rate of execution of construction or maintenance works. The contractors also cited the non-liberation of project sites by locals to give way for grading and terracing as another impediment.

Responding to the worries raised by the contractors, Minister Nganou Djoumessi urged them to be ready to sur mount any difficulty when it arises in order not to halt works. “You should execute your projects in an urgent manner as these are part of the Emergency Plan,” the Public Works Minister said. He advised the contractors to prioritise spots on the road which can easily give way while continuing with works, even slowly, in anticipation of disbursements. “You will all be paid what you are due,” Nganou Djoumessi assured. The Minister also called on contractors to be careful in order not to destroy optic fibre cables planted besides the road. Besides asking the contractors to take measures to displace the optic fibre before carrying out works, he called on them to set up rain gates in collaboration with regional authorities. Nganou Djoumessi vowed severe measures will be taken to bring to order those who violate the rain gates to destroy the country’s roads.

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