Road Infrastructure, Industrialization: FCFA Six Billion For Donga Mantung

Elite on sensitization visit in the division delivered the good news and encouraged the community to offer education to their children.

It was an eventful day on September 8, 2017 when elite, education and development stakeholders jumped for joy with a huge package to take the education, development and industrialization of Donga Mantung Division forward. The event was a sensitization visit during which elite, among whom featured Tamfu Simon, Talla  Godlove, Yerima Giyo, Gbaka Ernest, Nforgwei Rogers delivered good news that Donga Mantung features prominently in the development priorities of the nation. The team of elite led by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Dr Fuh Caistus Gentry had documents carrying CFA six billion francs made available by the government to give the division a level of comfort in road infrastructure while negotiations are on course with the African Development Bank (ADB) and the Islamic Development Bank to   raise Cfa 200 billion to completely handle the Ring road. Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry said FCFA 3 billion of the total FCFA six billion package will help resurface and carryout drainage works on the Kumbo- Ndu- Nkambe and Misage stretches of roads.

 It emerged from his message that difficult parts of the ring road in Ndu, Binshua, Bansobi hill, Misaje towards Wum will be tarred while FCFA 800 million will be invested on the Oku-Noni- Misaje stretch and FCFA 1.5 billion will handle the Misage- Nigeria frontier with some steep slopes tarred. Away from the ring road, the money will also give road infrastructure a chance between Mbot-Wat, Tabenken-Binju and Nkambe- Ako. That apart, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry told the population that contracts are on course worth FCFA 40 million for special motorcycles and a multi-tiling and planting tractor to enhance industrialization of Donga Mantung by the Frontier Agro-Industrial Programme (FAINAP), while MINEPAT has stated preparedness to approve an Agropole of close to FCFA 2 billion for the palm oil sector under the FAINAP Programme.

The elite also took time off to encourage Donga Mantung to stand solidly by the education of children. Inspired by the words of a famous U.S Civil Rights Campaigner that “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”, the team leader of Donga Mantung elite, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry inspired parents to allow children return  to school  and shape their future because the old guard will not be there  when the kids rise to face the future being compromised today. Parents, teachers, pupils and students were challenged to dominate fear and face the reality that inspires hope.


 Tamfu Simon: “Elite Lobbied Gov’t Projects To Population”

Elite, International Consultant for Oil and Gas business

“Two things took some of us, the elite of Donga Mantung to Nkambe on September 8th, 2017. Our agenda as people concerned with the future of our Division was to present projects that we lobbied and got from the government for the development and industrialization of the whole Division. We were out to present them to the population and we could not be indifferent to the fact that the resumption of schools for the 2017/2018 academic year has been timid in the Division. That is why we equally went visiting some schools where we encouraged children to tell their friends to join them in classrooms because education is the key to the future. There is a project to industrialize Donga Mantung using the Frontier Agro-Industrial Programme which is our local initiative led by Secretary of State, Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry to transform local products like maize, palms, cattle, etc. The programme is also receiving the attention of the government and we are happy.”



 Godlove Talla Nji: “Gratitude For Gov’t Efforts”

Elite and Board Chairman, BOFAS SARL

“The development of Donga Mantung Division is close to the heart of elite and we have been turning full circle to help make things happen. We appreciate the government’s decision to allocate huge sums of money to develop and industrialize the Division. It is our role as elite to show gratitude and sensitize the population of our Division about government’s efforts for our division to move forward and not backwards. That is what took us to Nkambe to present the projects and especially the road projects that will be effective immediately the heavy rains give way by October, 2017. Our Kid brothers and sisters also deserve our support and we went encouraging them about the goodness of education.”


 Musa Shey Nfor: “Appreciable Projects”

Son of Donga Mantung

“The population of Donga Mantung is very realistic with the knowledge that successful diplomacy consists of a good balance between credible requests and reasonable appreciation for government actions. We believe that there is nothing big that is not the combination of several small things. That is why we are very appreciative of government’s efforts to disenclve our Division while waiting for the bigger picture in the Ring road. The projects which elite took to the population, targets rural areas with roads that penetrate food production basins so that the very rural and agricultural oriented populations get used to farm to market roads while  ready to get into the ring road when it eventually comes. That is why the population is also being sensitized, not only  to be happy receiving, but to be ready to contribute their share through community effort and others for the advancement of Donga Mantung Division, one of the oldest in Cameroon.”

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