Road Infrastructure: Efficiency Measures Recommended

Focal Points of the National Road Board (CONAROUTE) made the recommendations in Yaounde on August 10, 2017.

As the government makes strides towards Cameroon gaining the emergence status by 2035 with the road sector being a main contributor, the recommendations of the focal points of the National Road Board (CONAROUTE) would serve as a source of inspiration.

The focal points from both public administration and private sector made the recommendations during the closing ceremony of the 6th series of conferences at the Prime Minister’s Office on August 10, 2017. The Assistant Secretary General at the Prime Minister’s Office,  Nguihe Kamte  Pascal chaired the ceremony. He expressed the satisfaction of the Prime Minister who is the chairperson of the National Road Board and said their proposals would be forwarded to competent authorities for consideration.

The Permanent Secretary of CONAROUTE, Moupain Matapit Issofa talking to the press said they have recommended that government facilitates the procedure of the payment of executed contracts and pay advance to contractors to enable them effectively carry out contracts.  The focal points also recommended a study to review the cost of tarring roads in Cameroon which is high as compared to what obtains in other countries. They also recommended that only mature projects be programmed in the public investment budget, institution of training programme for engineers of the road sector and the creation of a Road Agency to handle all aspects of road construction in the country. The series of conferences that were closed on Thursday, started on July 11, 2017.

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