Rigobert Song Bahanag: “We Are Still Working Hard”

Coach, Intermediate Lions of Cameroon.


The Intermediate Lions have just won another friendly encounter as they prepare for the upcoming CHAN in Morocco. What is your appraisal of the team this far?

I think generally it was good. It is a victory that was merited even though it was not easy. We are going on with our preparations. The players have shown that they are in good health. We have been working hard for the past three days. I just wanted to see how far they can go. So, the match was intentional so as to see how they can handle a situation when they are not really in position. And we however had a strong team which put them in a difficult situation which enables us to work harder for our future project.

From the three friendly matches do you have in mind what the ideal team could look like?

Yes. The framework is already there. I think since the qualification matches there was already something. So we are still working hard. The players are making more efforts. I think there is quite a good potential. We have discovered Souleymanou Moussa of Coton Sport of Garoua who has joined the group and who is a remarkable player. He is not alone but I think that he is a player who can bring a lot in our group. He is an additional player whom we have recovered and who can make a difference.

What are the measures taken for the acclimatisation of the players before going to Morocco?

We are making some preparations for that because we are thinking of whether to stay first in Egypt. We have to acclimatise and to do so we have to stay in conditions like that of Morocco and play friendly matches with the opponents that we are going to face. But we are waiting for the draws which will enable us to know our opponents with whom we can better prepare. In December we will be going to either Egypt or Turkey which will enable us to better train and to acclimatise especially because the youths are not used to staying in a climate that is totally different from theirs especially as we are going to arrive there in winter. So we have to be in a condition whereby we will be ready when the time comes.

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