Richard Nyamboli Passes On…

Former Chief of the Communication Centre at the embassy of Cameroon in Washington and one of Cameroon Tribune’s most prolific writers died last Monday night in the USA.

The clock of life grounded last Monday night in Maryland, United States of America for Dr. « Keyaka » Richard Nyamboli. The former Chief of the Communication Centre at the embassy of Cameroon in Washington collapsed and later passed on.

The family head, Martin Nyamboli told Cameroon Tribune that “between December and now, we did several things for the family together.” Mayor of Bafut, Abel Langsi lamented the death of “a prominent elite who promoted the Bafut Culture and development in the United States.” Tangyie Suh Nfor, a Bafut elite described Dr Nyamboli as «a great traditionalist» insisting that “it is a great loss for the Bafut Fondom”.

He described the professional life of Richard Nyamboli as “a role model whose great papers in Cameroon Tribune brought out the power of language at the service of Journalism.” Tangyie Suh Nfor added that Nyamboli’s articles generated discussions in high places and aroused interest in Journalism. 

Before his appointment as Chief of the Communications Centre in the Cameroon Embassy in Washington, Richard Nyamboli served in various capacities in SOPECAM. He rose from the rank of Chief of Service, English Language edition of Cameroon Tribune, through Editor in Chief to Director of CAMNEWS.

 Known during his tenure in Cameroon Tribune as the most prolific writer in the English language, Richard Nyamboli raised the quality of the frozen word in the government owned tabloid. He had a rare and unique mastery of the Queen’s language and strove to inoculate these qualities to younger colleagues.

Not satisfied with the science and techniques acquired from the Yaounde Advanced School of Mass Communication, Richard Nyamboli moved to the University Of Columbia School Of Journalism in the United States of America to pick a Masters degree and a global outlook in the Journalism trade.

In a party organised by colleagues of Cameroon Tribune to welcome him back after his stint abroad, Richard Nyamboli revealed to us, in his classical humour that “Columbia is to Journalism what Mecca is to the Moslem faith”.

That was vintage Nyamboli, whose metaphors gave added iceing to newspaper articles. Richard Nyamboli’s demise appears to be another reminder that “all the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players, with entrances and exits”.

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