Refugee, Emergency Situations: Cameroon Fine-tunes Response Strategies

The measures were discussed during the 8th session of the Interministerial Adhoc Committee in Yaounde on October 18, 2017.

The government of Cameroon through the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, MINATD, is modifying mechanisms relating to the management of refugee and emergency situations in the country. This was the preoccupation of the Interministerial Adhoc Committee in Charge of the Management of Refugees and Emergency situations in Cameroon during its 8th session that held in Yaounde on October 18, 2017. The session, presided over by Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi who doubles as the Chairman of the Committee, sought necessary actions and procedures to be undertaken to better address humanitarian crisis within the nation.  With the influx of refugees from neigbouring countries, the Minister said there is need for resources to be mobilized and response strategies stepped up. He stated that Cameroon presently host an estimated 345,000 refugees from different countries with most of them coming from Nigeria and the Central African Republic. Minister Sadi added that about 1,500 Nigerian refugees got into the Adamawa and North West regions within the first quarter of 2017 following inter ethnic conflicts in the country.

The Adamawa, East, North and Far North regions were cited as the most affected areas with an estimated 1,5 million persons in need of humanitarian assistance. Access to basic health care and food insecurity, according to the Minister are the sectors which are in dare need of support. He appreciated the solidarity, tolerance and hospitality of the Cameroonian population towards other internally and externally displaced persons. While regretting the sporadic attacks of the terrorist sect which continue to instill fear on the population, he said the military of Nigeria and Cameroon will keep working together to secure border security and the protection of her citizens. Expressing gratitude for the help offered by international partners, he said the government will continue to facilitate either the return of refugees to their home countries or their inclusion in the social life of the country.

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