Reducing Road Risks

The importance of regulating speed limits around schools in order to better protect children was emphasised in Douala.

As continuation of activities marking the Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week experts in the country seek to increase understanding of the dangers of speed and generate action on measures to address speed in order to save lives on the roads. It is in this light that Cameroon Association for the Defence of Victims of Accident (CADVA), an NGO with a special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in partnership with public and academic institutions held a series of activities with the purpose of reducing road accidents. One of such activities was speed managing sensitisation campaign over the week-end, to draw the attention of public and para-public authorities on the importance of regulating speed limits around schools, in order to better protect children on their way to school and back. Road safety is a collective issue, and should be tackled by all Cameroonians, parents and mothers at home needs to educate their children from riding motorbikes when they have no notion of road risk.



Ngochia Fidelis: “All Age Groups Are Most Hit”

Secretary General, Cameroon Association for the Defence of Victims of Accidents.


You have been named road advocate by the Global Alliance of NGOs for road safety, what does it represent in terms of road safety to Cameroon?

This is a position that will push me work in collaboration with the Government to implement evidence base road injury prevention projects and initiatives in Cameroon that will reduce road incidents, improve road safety policy-making and legislature, as well as help to upgrade the position of Cameroon in the Global injury prevention report of WHO, as well as in the Global status report on road traffic injury prevention.


Which group(s) is the hardest hit by road accident in Cameroon?

This is a complex question, for road accident is a global issue that concerns all for both the poor,  rich , young ,and old persons are victims of road accidents, even though global reports projects that children and the middle age (the youths) are more exposed to road traffic injuries through the execution of different socio economic activities, other reports do equally portray elderly persons as vulnerable, and in our own country Cameroon I think all the age groups are most hit by road accident, especially with the advent of motorbike transport, where both children, youth and elderly persons are involved in the cities as well as in rural areas.

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