Recruitment of University Lecturers : Over 500 Lecturers Needed In Second Phase

The recruitment of some 549 holders of a Doctorat or a PhD into State Universities in the country has been announced for this year through the press release n° 001/SG/PM of February 14, 2020 relating to the authorization to open teaching positions. In accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, Head of Government took the decision. The press release, signed by the Chairman of the Central Supervisory Commission, Séraphin Magloire Fouda, who is also the Secretary-General of the Office of the Prime Minister indicates that those concerned are Cameroonians aged at most 45 years on   October 1, 2020.

The press release also indicates that the teaching positions shall be distributed as follows: University of Bamenda has 72 positions, University of Buea-71 positions, University of Douala-70 positions, University of Dschang-61 positions, University of Maroua-57 positions, University of Ngaoundere-71 positions, University of Yaounde I and II has 71 and 56 positions respectively and 20 positions allocated as quota for academic regulation. 

The Chairman of the Central Supervisory Commission also reveals that the recruitment process will be coordinated by the Minister in charge of Higher Education according to the regulatory provisions in force. Vice-Chancellors and Rectors shall, respectively, launch the recruitment through a call for applications in the various disciplines, after the approval of the Technical Committee and the final decision of the Central Supervisory Commission.

Cameroonians living abroad are expected to deposit their files in Diplomatic missions and Consular offices, latest on 21 May 2020. The recruitment will respect the regulatory academic process. According to the press release, after several meetings from June 22 to 30, 2020, there will be the examination by the Technical Committee of proposed lists of successful candidates selected by CCRA and forwarding of approved lists as well as those not retained, to the Central Supervisory Commission. The list of successful candidates will be published on July 31, 2020. Successful candidates are expected to assume duty on October 1, 2020.

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