Protecting Women’s Right : CIRCB Women Examine Stakes, Perspectives

Women at the Chantal Biya International Reference Centre on the Prevention and Management of HIV/AIDS (CIRCB) have been told to press on and encourage everybody around them to promote the rights of women and the girl child. The call was made by the Sub-Director for the Promotion of Gender at the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Vivian Jioy Kendemeh, yesterday, March 5, 2020, during discussions to mark the 2020 International Women’s Day on the theme  “Promoting Gender and Protecting Women’s Right by 2020: Taking Stock of Actions Undertaken, Setting A New Course”.  

Discussions at the research centre focused on “Promoting Gender and Protecting Women’s Right by 2020: The Situation At CIRCB, Perspectives”. Vivian Jioy Kendemeh said before now, gender equality was mistaken for sex equality. She said it is important for people to know that gender equality involves equality for all in terms of respecting the rights of everybody irrespective of their sex. If this is not respected, Mrs Kendemeh said, it will be difficult for the country to emerge by 2035. She called on the authorities of CIRCB to continue to promote gender equality which is already largely respected in the structure. The Sub-Director for the Promotion of Gender at the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family however, used the occasion to call on CIRCB administration to create gender sensitive parking lots and toilets as well as all that can make a woman work at ease within the structure. 

The Director General of CIRCB, Professor Alexis Ndjolo, who was also the moderator during discussions said women at CIRCB  do not face gender discrimination when it comes to holding positions of responsibility and obtaining their salary. He however cautioned that the day is not meant for feasting and should be used by the women in joining others to ask for their rights where it is not respected. The representative of UN Women, Emmanuel Ateba also talked about his organisation’s activities in promoting the rights of women in Cameroon.

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