Promotion of Public Diplomacy: Cameroonians Vying For Korea World Festiva

Two Cameroonian groups of the vocal and performance categories of Korean music have been proclaimed winners of the preliminary auditions of the 2019 K-POP Changwon World Festival to be held in Korea later in October this year. Maggwet Zibi Marie France Isabelle emerged winner of the vocal (singing) category while the Saja Crew were proclaimed the best under the performance (dancing) category on May 29, 2019 by the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Cameroon, Bok-Ryeol Rhyou, who was equally president of the jury.

The two winners are expected to upload their performances online in competition with over 70 other countries partaking in the same event to qualify for the semi-finals of which should they emerge amongst the winners will repre sent Cameroon at the finals in Korea. Stating the objective of the organisation of the competition, the Korean diplomat says it falls within the framework of promoting public diplomacy and breaking down barriers between nations through the promotion of culture. “Culture is a treasure that has this extraordinary capacity to bring all human beings together no matter their countries of origin.

And this is exactly the reason why Korea hosts a K-Pop song and dance festival every year, to break down barriers between nations. And now, the time has come for Cameroon too to ride the Korean wave,” she stated. Ambassador Bok-Ryeol Rhyou said the event makes it easier for fans across the world to really feel part of the international and global movement. “You are truly the pioneers of K-Pop expansion in Africa. With this passion that our two countries share, the bonds of friendship that unite Korea and Cameroon will definitely be strengthened,” she added.

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