Promoting Peace and National Unity: Manyu Population Urged To Shun Violence

Senator Tabe Tando at a reception organised in his honour in Yaounde last Saturday counseled his tribesmen to restraint from violence and revamp the Mamfe economy. 

Restraint from every unlawful action and promote peace in our country, starting from our community in Mamfe, Senator Tabe Tando stated on May 19 during the reception offered him. Violence, he said, has negatively affected the once very economically vibrate society of Mamfe in the South West region.

The Senator pleaded with all youths and other persons hiding in bushes to return to their houses for him to make available social restoration fees for business start-ups. “I am ready to take a loan from the bank to help my people revamp our community,” he emphasised. 

The reception offered by the Manfe central community of the South West to him follows his re-election into the Senate and election as one of the Vice Presidents. Senator Nfor Tabe Tando stated that though a happy occasion, they cannot forget the ongoing tragedy in the region.

“Our Division has been transformed into a theatre of an unnecessary armed conflict that is sending our children on both sides of the conflict to an early grave. I want to emphasise here that resorting to violence as a way of settling disputes is very strange to the character of the Manyu man,” he said.

Going by the Senate Vice President, the incentive of financial aid will spur economic activities, create employment opportunities, encourage the idea of living together and create an atmosphere of togetherness.

While expressing gratitude for his re-election into the second legislative period of the Senate, he thanked the Councillors who cast their votes in favour of the CPDM list in which he was list leader for the South West. He called on all those of voting age to endeavour to get themselves enlisted on the electoral list and vote when elections which concern them are convened.

While mentioning the appointment of Manyu elite into the government and other administrative positions, he said it is an indication of the strong political collaboration between the Head of State and citizens of his native land.

For the Technical Adviser at the Presidency, Prof Etchu George, peace values should be promoted at individual and collective levels. He regretted the negative impacts of the situation in the English speaking regions on the entire economy.

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