Promote 2017: Discover Fine Wood Work…

Some privileged Cameroonian companies are able to win hearts through processed wood furniture.

On display at the stand of Dino & Fils Company at the PROMOTE fair village at the Yaounde Conference Centre are some office and house furniture made of wood. Doors, conference chairs and table, dressings, stairs and fittings are few of the products the logging, sawmilling, sawing and export company offers customers. The finishing is outstanding, and attracts many visitors.

The company’s objective is to offer the national and international market with goods of classic quality from its industrial carpentry at the Soa neighbourhood. To discover at the stand are conception, manufacturing and installation mechanisms for wood material with its technicians on hand for debriefing on house decoration and office equipment. “We use massive wood for our products whereas, some of the imported goods we find in markets are mere compacted saw,” George Mbatcha explained. He said they use about 60 types of wood according to demand. The most used are however the Sapelli, Ayous, Pao-rosa and Bete. Demand is encouraging though prices at times scare customers. That notwithstanding, customers who know the value of the products does not hesitate.

The International Exhibition for Enterprises, SMEs, and Partnerships, PROMOTE 2017 is an avenue for partnerships, the company holds.  The wood company seeks to liaise with other business persons for wide distribution. The company is already proud of the good start. “We already signed an agreement with an equipment distribution company and we are in negotiations with another popular sales and distribution enterprise,” George Mbatcha said. The company produces in large scale and is ready for as many agreements as possible.  He said; “We are prospecting and visitors are marvelled at what Cameroon can produce from wood.” It is all about discovery, and visitors to PROMOTE will not regret setting eyes on some of the wood works some Cameroonian companies can produce. Some exhibitors have gone an extra mile to setup environmental-friendly stands, all made of wood.

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