Professional Ethics: NCC Warns Defaulting Media Organs

Below is a communiqué signed by its president.

The president of the National Communication Council (NCC) informs media professionals as well as national and international opinion that, in the wake of the recent undemocratic demands by sociopolitical activists in the North West and South West Regions for a return to federalism and calls for secession, there has been dissemination by some media of seditious and disturbing content.

The following print and audiovisual media organs: Le Messager, Cameroon Post, The Guardian Post, The Times Journal, Canal 2 International, STV, Equinoxe TV and some community radio stations that have drifted away from their obligation to remain apolitical have been earmarked.

Given the unconstitutional nature and consequences of such professional practice which is likely to undermine the Republican form of the State, unity, territorial integrity and democratic principles governing the State, the National Communication Council, which in accordance with its statutory mission, ensures respect for social peace, unity and national integration in the media:

Hereby, issues a strong warning to all public and private media in the country, against the dissemination of any content that promotes secessionist and federalism ideologies. Failure to comply with existing laws and regulations, sanctions ranging from temporary suspension to permanent prohibition of their activities will be meted out.

The Council is therefore calling on territorially competent administrative authorities to expeditiously implement appropriate protective measures with a view of restoring order.

The President of the NCC

(s) Peter ESSOKA

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