Prof. Nchoji Paul Nkwi: Giant in Academic, Political Circles

The Professor Emeritus is founder of academic associations.

« My appointment into the Constitutional Council is the biggest surprise of 2018. I least expected it and I commit to serve the country and the interest of justice and freedom. I equally salute the creation  of the long overdue, Constitutional Council». That is how Prof Nchoji Paul Nkwi received his appointment on February 7, 2018 as a member of the Constitutional Council.

The Professor Emeritus  and traditionalist from the Kom Fondom, Boyo Division emerges as a giant in the nation’s academic, social and political circles. The Founding President of the Pan African Anthropological Association, Founding Executive Secretary of the Cameroon Academy of Science has been the Policy Adviser and now Shadow Cabinet Minister of Social Affairs, Youth Development and Sport in the opposition, SDF party.

Prof Nchoji  Paul Nkwi studied Anthropology and Education at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and later at the  Catholic University of Central Africa, Yaounde and the Catholic University of Cameroon-Bamenda where he also served as the Deputy Vice Chancellor after retiring from the public service.

He has made his mark as a visiting Professor at the Havard Medical School, University of South Carolina, University of Frankfurt, St Thomas Acquinas Major Seminary, Bambui, Bamenda, and as a Research Fellow at the University of Bergen, Norway.

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