Prof. George D. Nyamdi: “School Cameroonians On Genuine Democratic Practices

National President of the Social Liberal Congress (SLC)


What are the activities currently being undertaken within your party?

The Social Liberal Congress is essentially a party of action and the action it undertakes is dictated by the social climate in the country at any given time. You know that our country is now traversing a very unstable zone and this instability impacts the activities of the party. There is need right now to school Cameroonians on the importance of genuine democratic practices. This is because it is only this kind of practice that will guarantee the security, indivisibility and progress of the nation. Any attitude that departs from this requirement will invariably and almost certainly weaken national cohesion. This is the assignment that the Social Liberal Congress has given itself and which it undertakes to implant in the minds of Cameroonians.

What are your perspectives?

 It is normal as that of any other political party which are growth and implantation. For this growth to happen, the enabling environment must be provided by management.

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