Print Media : Preparations Heighten For Optimal Coverage

Print media organs in Cameroon that had already started covering the pre-electoral aspects of the twin legislative and council elections of February 9, 2020, are intensifying preparations to cover the campaigns phase that begins on January 25, 2020. The State-owned bilingual daily newspaper, Cameroon Tribune has been at the forefront covering the pre-electoral disputes, activities of Elections Cameroon, other administrations, mobilization by political parties in a special column called “ Special Legislative and municipal”. As campaigns come up on January 25, 2020, special measures have been taken and means mobilized. Senior staff have been deployed to the field to beef up coverage in different regions of the country, the entire staff is mobilized and a special column dedicated to the various aspects of the campaign with space for each actor.

The daily French language tabloid, Le Messager has made special provisions for the optimal coverage of the electoral process. The delegated editor-in-chief of the newspaper, Tchapmi Christian told Cameroon Tribune that they have dedicated three pages for campaign news. They would be interested in the count down to the polls with reporters deployed to the field. In the column called the Law, they also invite experts to make clarifications on different aspects of the elections. On the elections, day, he said, they would deploy reporters even the crisis-affected North West and South West Regions to cover the polling operation. The publisher of the English language daily newspaper, The Guardian Post, Ngah Christian said his newspaper would dedicate four pages in each issue for elections news. He announced that on January 25, 2020 the staff of the central desk and field staff from other regions will gather in Yaounde within the framework of a general assembly to beside other things, be drilled on the professional coverage of the elections. The key message would be to enable the reporters guard against relaying information that would threaten national unity and social cohesion.

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) newspaper, L’Actions has also been at the heart of the elections coverage. The officials of the newspaper said, with regard to campaign coverage, they have tabled a series of innovative proposals to hierarchy and awaiting endorsement. The Buea-based English Language biweekly newspaper, The Post will dedicate two pages for campaign news. The Yaounde Bureau Chief of The Post, Kini Nsom disclosed that newspaper had been preparing its reporters for optimal elections coverage by enabling them attend training seminars, the most recent being at the United States of America’s Embassy in Yaounde.

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