Presidential Pardon on Detainees: CPDM Central Committee Salutes Decision

Below is a press release signed by the party’s Communication Secretary


«The Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, Mr Jean Nkuete hereby announces that:

Haven received the important communiqué signed by the Minister, Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic on the 30th August 2017, on the decision of the President of the Republic for the discontinuance of proceedings pending before the Yaounde Military Tribunal against certain persons arrested in relation to the violence perpertrated in recent months in the North West and South West Regions:

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement greets this decision which positively contributes to the evolution of the situation in these two regions, with deference.

The CPDM is pleased with this act of magnanimity which comes after other important measures prescribed by the Head of State, applied by the Government and which are inscribed in the continuation of sustained and constant Presidential actions, of appeasement and the consolidation of national Unity and integration.

The party is equally happy with this Republican measure, sovereignly taken by the President of the Republic, guarantor of the stability of Institutions, as well as the reaffirmed determination by the Head of State to engage a merciless, strong and fautless fight against enemies of the Republic.

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement calls on the militants and sympathizers to redouble their unalloyed support to the actions of the President of the Republic and to resolutely continue to stand by him so as to facilitate and accompany him in the putting in place of all the measures taken in view of accelerating the return to normal life in the North West and South West Regions.

The Secretary General of the Central Committee consequently invites CPDM militants as well as Cameroonians of good will, particularly from the North West and South West Regions and the country in general, to give a positive and republican response to this exceptional decision of the Head of State of the 30th of August 2017, by paying a deaf ear to misinformation and engaging in their normal activity in the regions concerned and by sending their children to school, come September 4th all over the national territory in order to guarantee a smooth 2017-2018 school year.

The Secretary General of the Central Committee also invites Regional and Divisional Heads of Permanent Delegations of the Central Committee as well as CPDM, WCPDM, YCPDM Section Presidents, whose engagement in the search of peace is worth underlining since the start of this crisis, to take appropriate measures to support the efforts of the Government via lending the necessary support to stakeholders of the educational community and to collaborate with public powers. He also recommends that they should be more vigilant to bar the way to trouble mongers and to all attempts to forestall the application of new decisions.

Finally, as he revealed during his internal and foreign tour, the Secretary General of the Central Committee reminds all militants that individual and collective discipline within the party remains the major cornerstone for the success of the support that the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement lends to the President of the Republic in his incessant fight for peace, national unity, democracy, liberties and the progress of our country. »

Yaounde, 1st September 2017

(s) Professor Jacques FAME NDONGO

Communication Secretary (CC/CPDM)

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