Preparing For Retirement

The “Unity Village” in Akwa Douala was also opportunity for youths to learn to be self-reliant and innovative.

Working with a mind to retire someday is important but actually preparing for it makes the difference. It is on this premise that the Littoral administrative authorities, workers, professionals and students held a two-day sensitisation session at the “Unity Village” as part of activities marking the 45th National Day to be celebrated May 20.

Littoral Governor Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, while presiding at its opening also took time to visit the exhibition stands where objects of arts, as well as plantain, banana, palm and their nurseries, soap, cooking oils, specially designed ready made clothes, locally made shoes and telecommunication objects were showcased.

The purpose of the “Unity Village” was to help youths to be self-reliant and innovative. The session, which held at the “Salle des Fetes” Akwa May 16-17, harped on research, innovation and development under the theme: “Enlarged Innovation, Pillar of Self-reliance and Socio-economic and Professional Insertion of Cameroonian Youths.” The participants were advised to prepare for retirement and to be upbeat with changes awaiting them. Retirement, it was pointed out, should not be looked upon as death but rather it is the start of another phase of live. Meanwhile, participants were made to understand that it is necessary to make a balance sheet of professional, social, financial, health, morals and spiritual life. Other topics such as promoting agricultural innovation also featured during the session. At the end of the forum, participants must have had knowledge on various innovations in fish farming and livestock breeding. The lectures by the MINEPIA delegation will also throw more light on animal industries. The University of Douala on its part will as well edify participants on research and innovation that can bring about financial independence.  

The 45th National Day will be celebrated on the theme: “Army and Nation in Full Synergy for a Cameroon, United in its Diversity and Devoted to the Ideals of Peace, Stability and Prosperity.”

“Through Collaboration We Foster Unity”

Marie Tchagha, Exhibitor.

“Through the ‘Unity Village’ we speak the same language : collaboration, togetherness and understanding. No matter the activity we are involved in, we need each other regardless of the region of origin and this is possible only through unity. For example, we are exhibiting processed ginger and those we work with in the North West Region produce jewelleries. We understand ourselves and we progress on the business scale together. This is unity! It is not out of the country that I can be good but here in Cameroon I am fine. The jewelleries I have on exhibition are made in Bamenda. I process ginger into powder and tea, which together with the jewelleries other people buy and sell in America.  In this we promote national unity by collaborating with other people in various regions to market our products.”

« L’unité est assurée quand on travaille ensemble»

Crescence Ngo Nwaha, étudiante et exposante, université de Douala.

« Le club biodiversité et santé de l’université de Douala contribue à l’unité nationale en impliquant d’abord la jeunesse estudiantine dans la protection de l’environnement en général et celle de notre pays en particulier. Quand les gens travaillent ensemble, l’unité est assurée. Nous voulons que par cette activité innovante, les jeunes puissent s’impliquer dans le développement national. Cette jeunesse œuvre aujourd’hui dans le recyclage des déchets déversés dans la nature en matériau utile pour les ménages et les entreprises. Le club est aussi là pour renforcer des liens de collaboration entre les étudiants d’expression anglaise et française, afin de mener à bien la préservation de notre environnement par des séminaires et renforcer l’unité nationale.»

Views collected by C.J

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