Post-senatorial Election: Political Parties Acclaim Democracy

The SDF, UDP and ANDP have lauded the tact with which the senatorial election was conducted nationwide despite some lapses highlighted by these political parties.

Feedback on the organisation of last Sunday’s senatorial election from different political parties that competed in the race for seats at the Senate has indicated that democracy is advancing in the country.

Sampling the views of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the National Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ANDP) and the Union for Democracy and Progress (UDP), they all expressed satisfaction for the unruffled organisation of the elections by Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) and the security of councillors by administrative and defence authorities.

The President of UDP, Lawan Bako said he was impressed by the general atmosphere within which the election was conducted. “I left the polling station with the impression that democracy is gradually evolving in the country,” he stated. He however mentioned some loopholes which according to him could be corrected in next elections in the country.

Lawan Bako regretted the wrong notion of the electorate with regards to his party. “As a party of the Presidential majority, lost councillors mistook our party for the CPDM following messages probably sent to them by other political parties,” he disappointedly noted. As concerns the video camera discovered at the Mbengwi polling station in the North West Region, he said a complaint to that effect was deposited at the State Council.

Equally condemning the installation of a hidden camera at the polling booth, the SDF said such an action could hinder councillors from casting their votes without fear. Going by them, there was no need for the militarisation of some polling stations in the North and South West regions given that the electorate was merely exercising their civic responsibilities.

For the ANDP, certain parts of the country experienced true democracy on election day while some areas had minor irregularities.

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