Pork Sector: Pig Butcher Cooperative To Improve Quality

The SDO enjoined the 20-man bureau to serve quality pork while installing them recently


Pig butchers, farmers and suppliers now have a cooperative that will run the affairs of the sector while focusing on quality, hygiene and sanitation among others. The 20-man bureau headed by venerated pig butcher, Roger Fogang was on April 20th installed by the representative of the Senior Divisional Officer of Wouri with instructions to improve quality and sanitise the sector for better prospects. The pioneer cooperative, which also consists in counselling and follow-up body headed by Bopda Dayan and an Administrator, Tegueu Tamo Clovis was also instructed to face competition from modern supermarket butchery that is draining their customers because of better hygienic conditions.

The Divisional Delegate of MINEPIA for Wouri, Dr Mimbang Guy enjoined them to observe thorough hygiene and sanitation both at the slaughter house and on the market. Pioneer President, Roger Fogang, after installation expressed their willingness to cleanse the sector while observing total transparency. The cooperative that has 185 members already from the five of six Sub Divisions in Wouri excluding Manoka, has a challenge to triple the membership.

“Exercising our duty is hindered by lack of infrastructure like slaughter houses, the high cost of training in professional institutions and a steady increases in taxes among others,” the president enumerated. He appeals to the government through the local administration for a cool house and water point in all the markets in Wouri for better hygienic condition, subsidise training cost and eradicate roadside sales especially during festive period.

Alain Ghomsi, Sub Divisional Delegate of MINEPIA for Douala II, and focal point of the long march to the realisation of the cooperative, disclosed that evolution of the sector will be noticed as many opportunities will hit the doors of the cooperation. With the cooperative in place, the estimated 600 pigs slaughtered daily in Wouri excluding Douala VI will increase while the over FCFA 30 million fetched by pig butchers will equally witness a rise.

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