Polish The Identification Formula


With barely a month to round off the 2017 Property Tax Payment, results obtained thus far are seemingly positive although some potential taxpayers are still glooming in the dark on where precisely to pay the royalty. As tax collection agents and agencies multiply strategies to fetch more than the over FCFA 4 billion the operation generated last year, their enthusiasm to do better appears to be rather creating confusion in the minds of landowners.

“I am still to clearly know where I need to pay my own tax. Last year I received notification from one centre, went there to pay and was told to go to another. The same scenario repeated itself this year when I got two notifications from different centres.” This confession of a Property Tax payer highlights existing and disturbing misunderstanding between the payer and collector that can greatly dampen the efficiency of the rather salutary operation.

The somewhat enthusiasm shown the reform ever since it came into existence offers a golden opportunity for revenue collectors in the country to better swell the State coffers with the scarce liquidity. Most especially at a time government strategies are unending to optimise non-oil revenue and bridge the fiscal gaps created by dwindling oil prices in the world market.

Therefore, the confusion in the minds of taxpayers absolutely needs to be cleared. The earlier the better! One month may not be enough to wholly do so and harvest all that is still left. But speedy field visits accompanied by clear and in-depth explanations could greatly polish the identification formula and boost revenue collection. In fact, this should be non-negotiable!

With harmony and better understanding, the harvest could be plentiful when the operation ends on September 30, 2017. Its efficiency would be synonymous to augmenting scarce liquidity that the State needs to pilot life-changing projects to fruition.


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