Two partnership conventions signed recently by both structures will see the construction of low cost housing and other social structures with local materials


Two partnership conventions have been reached between the Community-Driven Participatory Development Programme (PNDP) and the Local Materials Promotion Agency (MIPROMALO). The partnership agreements, which set two important platforms for collaboration, were signed in Yaounde last month. While Marie Madeleine Nga, National Coordinator of PNDP signed for her institution, Dr. Likiby Boubakar, Director of MIPROMALO penned for his.

The first convention sets out the working relationship between both structures in the domains of training, construction of socio-economic structures with the use of local materials and other activities deemed necessary by both parties. Specifically, both signatories will elaborate and jointly run projects aimed at valorising local materials. The convention also extends to the designing and organisation of appropriate training in the domain of local materials to the benefit of decentralised local collectivities. MIPROMALO will further facilitate the acquisition and/or supply of specialised equipment and materials for the fabrication of local materials.

Going by the convention, MIPROMALO will avail its expertise for the putting in place of certain classic council projects and regional development programmes. This will focus on the construction of low cost housing and other social structures with local materials. In addition, the local materials outfit and PNDP are expected to jointly coach members of associations, council staff, civil society actors and local populations on the techniques of fabrication of local materials and construction adapted to local contexts.

The second convention, which is more specific, revolves around the training of 100 youth in production techniques and construction with earth bricks and roofing with tiles.  A warehouse costing over FCFA 29 million will also be constructed by MIPROMALO in Miskine, Maroua I subdivision.

The Director of MIPROMALO, Dr. Likiby Boubakar said his structure entered the partnership in fulfilment of the missions assigned to it by the Head of State. President Paul Biya had placed emphasis on promoting greater use of local resources.


Dr. Likiby Boubakar: “We Are Poised To Provide Quality Low Cost Housing”

Director of Local Materials Promotion Authority, MIPROMALO


What pushed MIPROMALO into partnering with PNDP?

The objective of the Government is to valorize the use of local materials in housing construction and reduce imports which affect our balance of payment. Besides this, the main objective is to offer to Cameroonians decent, quality and low cost housing. It was therefore important for MIPROMALO to open up to decentralized local collectivities. Some years ago, government put in place a law which allows certain development aspects to be directly handled at regional, divisional and municipal levels. And the idle institutional partner to accompany councils in their development drive is the PNDP – Community-Driven Participatory Development Programme.

What are the key points of this partnership?

In essence, we signed two conventions. The first outlines the general roles and responsibilities of MIPROMALO as well as those of PNDP. MIPROMALO will provide technical assistance in project execution. We shall also engage in construction of structures for councils as well as training and capacity building in the field of local materials. The second convention which is specific is beneficial to the Maroua I Council. This entails the construction of a market with local materials as well as training of 100 youths in production of local building materials and construction. This moves in line with the government’s vision to encourage self-employment.

How long will this conventions last?

You know construction is at the heart of development of a nation. And we are into construction. The first convention will last long and will be extended by tacit renewal. This can be for as long as ten, twenty or more years. If the experience is satisfactory, we will see no need to end the partnership.

What are your prospects in MIPROMALO, considering that you are a new Director?

There is hope in the horizon. After the partnership with PNDP, we are liaising with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education for the training of thousands of youth. We have other partnerships with the Ministry of Public Works and we intend to promote local materials in all dimensions.

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