Plan International Cameroon : Projects Execution Under Scrutiny

Plan International Cameroon and its developmental partners have examined the 2018/2019 activities of the international NGO in the Centre Region of the country. During an evaluation workshop yesterday, June 25, 2019, in Yaounde, stakeholders in the different projects, examined what was planned, what was achieved, the difficulties involved and lessons learned with feedback on how the international NGO can better prepare for the next fiscal year. The Programme Support Manager, Plan International Cameroon, Jean-Claude Angaye, said the organisation’s projects in the Centre Region are grouped under the Biteng Project Unit covering nine councils out of 80 in the region. Amongst these projects is that which empowers the most vulnerable through inclusive education and reintegration. The project started in February 2017 and will end in January 2020. The beneficiary is the Yaounde II Council where 18 quarters and 38 primary schools have been empowered. Another main project implemented by Plan International Cameroon is that to curb violence within the school milieu through community sensitisation and mobilisation. Main benefi

ciaries of the project which ended last December 2018 were the Yaounde II municipality and some ministries. The Saving Group Project of Plan International Cameroon targeted 80 per cent of women and 20 per cent of youths. Within the project, some 225 groups from 116 communities in the Centre Region were sponsored.  There is also the Gift of Hope Project which just started and will run till December 2020. The project which targets mostly young girls will be implemented in three

councils where 20 groups will receive support to diversify household revenues so as to empower the female ones. The School Project implemented by Plan International Cameroon, is an ongoing project to construct and equip classrooms in Esse Council. It is an integrated project to build and furnish schools. JeanClaude Angaye said so far, projects carried out by Plan International Cameroon in five divisions in the Centre Region

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