Pioneer Sawa Community Radio Inaugurated

Peñamundi FM broadcasting on 92.60 MHZ will broadcast in dialect and French.


Sons and daughters of the Sawa community in Douala sang songs of joy and gratitude November 30, during the inauguration ceremony of the first-ever community radio in Douala. The radio baptized Penamundi and broadcasting on FM 92.60 MHZ, is the effort of the government and the community in partnership with UNESCO. On hand to inaugurate the community radio that will promote not only the culture of the Sawa people, but also propel development, were the representatives of the Ministry of Communication and UNESCO Regional Office for Central Africa.  

Speaking during the inaugural ceremony, the Radio’s Management Committee President, Senator Roger Mbassa Ndine, disclosed that the radio will reawaken the consciences of Sawa people, fight poverty and preserve their identity while promoting peace and dialogue. To him, it will as well lift the challenges of a community radio in a competitive media environment. On his part, the Mayor of Douala I, Lengue Malapa, said it is a better way to return to the roots. “It will work for our re-identification and it is another way to celebrate the grand Sawa festival, Ngondo,” he made known.

The technical partner, UNESCO, represented in the inaugural ceremony by the Representative of the Regional Office for Central Africa, Felix Loïteohin Ye, handed a FCFA two million cheque to management that will help sustain the radio till it is financially autonomous and a motorcycle for news gathering. The community radio that emits signals as far as Souza, Tiko and Limbe, consist of a 23-man team and broadcast 24/24. Under its Chief of Station, Hildegarde Lobe, they anchor social, economic, and developmental programmes.

According to the Radio’s Animation Chief, La Dyme Doualla, debates and call-in programmes on pertinent issues on Sawa culture interest fans from Tiko and Limbe. Traditional and administrative authorities including the Technical Adviser in the Ministry of Communication, Dr Mabou Mabou, graced the ceremony.

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