Pillars Of Unity

This year’s celebration of Women’s International Day is taking place when our global village seems to have fallen in love with societal ills that rob us of living together in peace, political stability and prosperity. But the unpalatable scenario can be redressed through the dynamism, wisdom and stress-relieving skills for which our women are well known.

In Cameroon whose image we face the challenge of keeping untarnished, one of our women, regretted in writing “how can I celebrate when my fellow sisters are hiding in the bushes?” She was not in any way doubting the significance of this celebration, but simply pointing out the importance of peace and unity where there is need for joy. We regret the Socio-political crisis that has resulted in violence and destruction but console ourselves with the belief that through social inclusion, changes for the better can be ushered in.

Our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters have been so blessed with wisdom, and managerial skills that through genuine love and patriotism they can with their male counterparts redress the on-going disturbing trends in our country. In our peace-loving Cameroon, the women have not only organized prayer sessions as they did recently in Messamena, East region, where over 1000 converged to pray for peace, but have also already raised funds for the internally displaced persons and are even hosting many of them. Besides, some, if not most of them are working hard to keep their children and husbands away from joining the separatists groups in the country.

However, much still has to be done to stall this nightmare that since 2016 is not only keeping our children in the North West and South West regions out of school, but also regrettably making them become unintentional single mothers, owing to their stay at home and exposure to waywardness. The girl child is indeed in trouble and needs help in all forms.

Kidnappings in the Adamawa region, for example, and the English speaking regions have become a means of earning a living for saddists. What a shock! Besides the economic costs of this crises, the image of Cameroon is being tarnished through what is now happening in a country that for long has been known as an icon of peace in Africa.

Fortunately, God loves Cameroon and through commitment to peace, things can be redressed. As our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters celebrate the 34th edition of Women’s International Day with the inspiring slogans of “Women are the pillars of national unity, Women, let’s say NO to tribal and social barriers,” we believe they can contribute effectively to the various strategies we need to forge ahead as a nation genuinely united with a common goal.

This demands love and unity in families, administrative units and the nation at large. It also demands dialogue, patriotism, loyalty and tolerance in respect of national objectives. These challenges concern women and their male counterparts and we must all be involved. To serve as pillars of national unity, love and progress, our women should accept the enviable position that indeed is theirs and work for this virtue of live and let live through selfless commitment to the ingredients of LOVE, UNITY, HAPPINESS and PROGRESS.

For, in the crusade against Gender Inequalities, which is the theme for this 34thedition of the international Women’s Day, it is expedient to note that gender inequalities like disunity of minds and action, can trigger violence and other societal ills that rob us of the joy of living together in love and peace. We must work together with our women to forge the scenario that makes life worth living.

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