Peter Giyoh Yerima:“Gov’t’s Effort Is Enormous”

Deputy Mayor

What do you consider to be the strengths of the Nwa Municipality?

 The Nwa municipality which covers the same surface area as Nwa Sub Division features the Mbaw plain with 11 villages that excel in the production of rice, egusi, plantains and oil palm. The plain serves as bread basket for far off areas like Ndu and Nkambe Sub Divisions. Farm produce from the plain is also supplied to the neighbouring Taraba State in Nigeria. Regular Wednesday markets in Sabongari are often flooded with vehicles from Nigeria to buy bananas and pepper. Then, the park Savana area of Yamba Central which covers some 17 villages rear high quality cattle. Meanwhile, the Mfumte area showcases a big virgin forest, oil palm production and a big waterfall at Adere, capable of generating hydro- electricity.

What are the major challenges of your population?

There are two main access ways into Nwa Sub Division and both are very difficult. It is either through Sop- Nwa- Yang or through Sop- Sabongari- Nwa. It is often a nightmare travelling on both lanes. Only four wheel driven vehicles can make it. Electricity is equally in short supply in virtually all the over 40 villages of the Nwa council area. We however, rejoice with a government’s contract of  FCFA 237 million to rehabilitate the road in 2017.  Better still, the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development ( MINEPAT) has accorded a contract of Cfa 297 million under HIMO to handle the deviation of part of the road before Rom Rock. Away from that, there is a contract for the electrification of Ndu to Nwa by EDC.

How would you check and balance the contribution of the council in the development of the municipality?

In the year 2014, the Nwa Council offered cfa 200,000 to each of the 41 councilors to carry out micro development activities in their localities. Emphasis was in the area of benches for schools. In 2015, each councilor received FCFA 500,000 to rehabilitate school structures. In 2017, the council maintained the Mfumte, Yamba and Mbaw roads, etc.


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