People With Disabilities Honoured

This was during the International Handicapped Day celebrated last December 3rd.

Various activities were organised in Douala to commemorate the International Day of the Handicapped People celebrated on December 3rd each year.

At the ‘Place du Gouvernement’ in Douala, it was the Platform of Associations and Structures of Handicapped People for the Littoral, Pasphal, which organised activities on the theme; “les randonnées culturelles des personnes handicappées et du vivre ensemble.

The commemorative activities which took place under the chairmanship of the representative of the Governor for the Littoral, comprised musicians presentations by budding handicapped artistes, training in some little jobs like serigraphy, the exhibition of craft objects made by handicapped people, free screening for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and the election of a miss Ebene during a gala night that closed he celebrations.

According to Pasphal President, Nsim Kalassini Martin, the objective of the celebration is to throw light on the plight of handicapped people to portray that they are equally able to contribute to the national economy.

The association has been very active the last three years offering gifts to military hospitals for wounded soldiers, to Chantal Biya Foundation.

The President of the CPDM basic organ for Bali II- Douala, Hubert Boaessen on December 3rd organised what he referred to as a creative day with handicapped people in Douala comprising recreative activities, competitions and the distribution of gifts in order to encourage the spirit of living together.

It is worthy to mention that he has been organizing activities for handicapped people since 2012.

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