Peace and Stability In Central Africa: PM Holds Talks With UN Envoy

The Prime Minister, Head of Government on June 14, 2019 had an audience with a delegation led by Ahmedou OuldAbdallah, President of the Centre for Strategy and Security in the Sahel, who visited Cameroon on the recommendations of the United Nations Security Council within the framework of promoting peace and stability in the Central Africa sub region. The UN envoy told reporters after the audience that he discussed with Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on how to support and strengthen the United Nations Office for Central Africa which is based in Gabon, an office which was created largely based on the request of the Republic of Cameroon.

“We are here with my colleagues on a mission recommended by the Security Council of the Uni ted Nations to discuss how to support and strengthen the United Nations Office for Central Africa which is based in Gabon. The office was in fact established largely at the request of Cameroon,” he stated. As per the relevance of the office to the sub region, Ahmedou OuldAbdallah said it has the objective of addressing pertinent emerging issues and seeks to foster peace and stability. “There is a large UN presence in the region. There are peace keeping cooperations like the ones in the Central Africa Republic and Congo. But the office in Libreville, Gabon covers the whole region and it is a political office to addressing emerging issues and promoting peace and stability in the sub region,” he explained.

Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah said the PM assured him of his personal support and that of the government of Cameroon, an assurance which he took serious given that he (Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah) had known the PM in the context of the Cameroon-Nigeria Mix Commission. As concerns the situation in the Sahel of Africa, the UN envoy said he prayed a solution is found in the near future, hoping the crisis does not degenerate making it difficult to be tackled by competent authorities.

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