PBhev: Bamenda Receives It’s Share

The minister of Higher Education Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo was in Bamenda last Friday to kick start the distribution process.

It was all joy, happiness and celebration on the Bambili campus of the University of Bamenda as the restaurant venue turned out to be to small to accommodate the the number of students who came out to collect their computers.

To some it was a dream come true and some doubting Thomases also came to testify for themselves. The event Was The handing over of President Paul Biya Higher Education Vision – PBhev laptops to university students in the region.

A total of over 14 thousands laptops were destined to the region and on same day the minister handed about 200 while the distribution process continues in the days ahead. To the minister of higher education Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo it was a fulfilment of a promise made by the president of the Republic Paul Biya.

« He has given you the best technology to be part of the cyber space, it is the latest technology you can have in the world  » Prof. Jacques fame Ndongo added. He cautioned the students to make proper use of the laptops and be patriotic internet users, work for the development of Cameroon. The Minister made it clear that the computers where for both students in public and private higher Institute of learning.

For the student’s representative Bonuh Clement che, the computers will go a long way to assist them in doing their research, class work and assignments. He added that it will expose them to video learning. He thanked the head of state president Paul Biya for the laptops and promise to put it in good use.

Meanwhile the vice chancellor of the University of Bamenda Prof Theresa Nkou Akenji said the head of State gesture to offer laptops to students is timely as it will facilitate Students connection into the cyber space. She said in today’s learning process, computers are indispensable. She also called on the students to use it judiciously.

She congratulated the students for their sense of maturity despite the socio political situation of the region at present. She used the opportunity to decry the acute shortage of staff, lack of infrastructure amongst others.

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