Dr. Veronique Ntamack:  “Young Girls Have To Be Trained”

Gender Focal Point Person, National Assembly

“You have to start by training the young girls because if there is adequate training, the young girl will come out of this precarious situation which they are facing today and that will make them face the society. Secondly, the government has to take serious measures to enable young girls to be integrated in the society”.


Dr Niger-Thomas Margaret: “Facilitate Access To Credit”

Inspector No. 1, Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and the Family

“Young girls and women have to engage in the informal sector. To accelerate their self-reliance, we think that if they have access to credit facility, the little they are doing even though, it is not yet up to the standard, at least it will help to empower them to some extent while waiting for a formal job. Secondly, networking is very important. Most of these young girls in rural and urban areas operate in isolation and do not even know where to ask for credit”.


Caroline Ebot:  “We Have To Change Our Mentalities”

Gender Focal Point, Ministry of Water and Energy

“The first thing is that people should change their mentalities because if we change our mentality we will understand that be you a girl or a boy, you can achieve what you want. But most of the time people think that since you are a girl, you are not able to do many things that boys do. So they always give chances first to boys. Unfortunately, that is what have been existing and up till now people have not changed that mentality”.

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