Parliamentary Outreach: MP Etombi Awards Excelling Learners

Limbe (Fako) – 110 pupils and students drawn from 12 primary schools, 10 secondary schools and two vocational training centres in the Fako East Constituency were on Wednesday May 9, 2018, at the Council Hall, Down Beach Limbe, rewarded for their outstanding academic performance in their various classes and schools.

The prizes went to the best all round pupils/students, best female mathematicians, most innovative and creative students, best behaved and respectful students, and intergrity and leadership award. Each category had laureates from the same level of education from all the schools.

They bagged home exercises books, pens, pencils, traveller’s bags, rulers, laptops and certificates of recognition singed by Honorable Etombi Ikome Gladys.

Speaking on behalf of all the pupils and students, Nsonie Rabiatou Maloba, an Upper Sixth student of Saker Baptist College Limbe, told Honorable Etombi Ikome Gladys that the academic excellence award is going to spur them to blossom in their next academic levels. She explained how useful the educational materials will serve the pupils/students and diminish cost on their parents.

Before handing the prizes to the pupils and students, Honorable Etombi Ikome Gladys indicated that education is the fundamental rights of all children. She expressed gratitude to all parents who in her constituency have defied the odds to send their children to school.

Her appreciation and encouragement went to the laureates for being outstanding among their classmates. In an analogy, she explained how human beings and animals are the same. But that it is only education that distinguished both creatures, putting the human being to a higher level.

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