Over 280 Gendarmes Acquire Tactical Skills

The Secretary of State in charge of the National Gendarmerie closed the 37th session of the 2nd Technical Aptitude course on September 9, 2016 in Yaounde.


The Yaounde Gendarmerie Training Centre has graduated the 37th batch of trainees of the 2nd Technical Aptitude General Service course. The 289 trainees who spent five months at the High Command of Schools and Training Centre in Camp Yeyap, received end-of-course testimonials on September 9, 2016, during a ceremony chaired by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defence, in charge of the National Gendarmerie, Jean Baptiste Bokam. 

Mr Bokam said the training of Gendarmerie personnel is a priority of the hierarchy with the objective to have a well trained military capable of defending the territorial integrity of the country as well as securing the population and property. The training course, he added, comes at a particular context of the promulgation of the revised Penal Code which is a daily working document of the judicial police officers that they are and the deployment of two police units of the Gendarmerie to the MINUSCA peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic. The training they have acquired should therefore enable them to perform better in the face of security challenges.

The Commander of the Gendarmerie Training Centre, Colonel Benjamin Bogmis, said the trainees received quality training following the 2011 revision of the programmes as instructed by the Head of State. For five months, the gendarmes were drilled on five modules such as judicial police, law maintenance and interventions, investigation techniques, Gendarmerie command and general military training amongst others. Olivier Jong, emerged over all best trainee with an average of 14.76 on 20. To him, the course prepares them to ascend into a superior grade of sub officer. The Secretary of State also inspected some infrastructure of the institution.


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