“Open du Grand Concours de Badminton” : Akoumba, Soudi Mamadou Lift Trophies

The third edition of the International Badminton competition called Badminton International Cameroon 2019 will take place at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex from November 14 to 17, 2019. Ahead of this important event, preparations have reached fever pitch in the country. Organised by the Badminton Confederation of Africa in collaboration with the Badminton World Federation, the competition will bring together participants from 19 countries from across the world.

A total of 19 players (nine women and ten men) will represent the country in the competition. For several weeks new, team Cameroon has been undergoing training in their hideout in Yaounde. In order to ensure the best results in the competition, the Cameroon Badminton Federation organised a pre-tournament called “Open du Grand Concours” in the campus of Collège Vogt in Yaounde last weekend. It was an opportunity for the national coaches to evaluate the level of preparedness of the players both at the technical and tactical levels. It was equally an occasion for the coaches to correct mistakes and make necessary adjustments in order to do better than in the previous editions.

The competition unfolded in the Women’s Singles, Men’s Singles, Women’s Doubles and Men’s Doubles. In the women’s singles Madeleine Akoumba beat Maeva Anamba 2-0 sets (21-02; 21-11).In the men’s singles Soudi Mamadou beat Menguele Jean 2-0 sets (21- 15, 21-14). In the men’s Doubles Owona Ndimako/Mamadou Soudi overpowered Nkomono/ Michel Assembe 2-0 sets (22-12, 21-11). In the women’s doubles Akoumba Ze/Nguefack beat Louise Mbida 1-2 sets (21-16, 21-13, 11-21). It should be recalled that the mixed double men’s competition was called off following a decision by the technical staff

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