Online Recruitment Gains Ground

“Icubefarm is a virtual digital recruitment platform that connects job seekers with companies. It was developed in Equatorial Guinea in 2015 by Yolanda Asumu, to curb the problem faced by jobseekers who apply for jobs and do not have direct access to the human resource departments of companies,” explains Martin Etonde, Communication Agent for Icubefarm. The virtual platform enables job seekers to directly upload their CVs or applications into a system which automatically makes it visible to companies in search of a jobseeker in their skill setting. The platform which extended its branches to Cameroon earlier in June 2017, counts today close to 400 profiles of enterprises and 600 profiles of jobseekers from across Africa. The information was revealed during a press conference held recently in Douala, to inform media men on the new event to be organised by the start-up Icubefarm.

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