Ohada Business School: First Training Session Begins in March

Its purpose is to help judicial actors and business people to effectively apply the Ohada Law in respect to the expectations of enterprises.

With the perspective of starting the Ohada Business School training sessions in March 2017, the African Business Climate Survey (ABCS) and the Cameroon Business Forum (CBF) held an informative and awareness-raising workshop with the judicial and extrajudicial actors with the support of the Ministry of Finance in Bonanjo on February 2, 2017

The School, which serves as a platform for exchange between judicial actors and business people, will help in the effective application of the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa (Ohada) Law in respect to the expectations of enterprises.

Participants who were English speaking judicial and extrajudicial actors appropriated the Ohada Law with the objective of integrating the translated Ohada texts in the day to day practice in the regions concerned. They were updated on the programme and its purpose for intervention through a liberal expression of expectations and mobilized to register for the Ohada Business School training sessions. Information gained will help accelerate the process of integrating positive business laws in the Common-Law Family, notably the Bar and National Chambers of Bailiffs and also to consider English speaking judicial and extrajudicial actors working in Anglophone regions. 

The “Support programme for the appropriation of the Ohada Law by the English speaking judicial and extrajudicial actors in Cameroon” has been  drawn up  by the ABCS and CBF, with the institutional support of the Ministries of Justice, Finance, and Trade, etc, to contribute in the search for solutions to the preoccupations raised by English speaking lawyers on the functionality of justice in Cameroon. Professor Justine Diffo Tchunkam, School’s Board Chair, speaking in the presence of the representative of the Governor of the Littoral Region, highlighted that the origin of tensions which has degenerated into social disorder in the South West and North West Regions has its roots in a movement that started November 8, 2016, by English speaking Cameroonian lawyers.

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