OG7 Awards : Women Football Stars Rewarded

It was a special day for some actors of women football in the country on Saturday December 7, 2019. The event was an award night to reward the best women football talents in the country called OG7 Awards. Organised by the “Association Terre Promise”, the event aimed at valorising women football in the country. 

Speaking at the occasion, the President of Terre Promise, Gabriel Aboudi Onguene said in their bid to accompany FECAFOOT in its role of valorizing women football in the country it was necessary to reward certain talents who distinguished themselves during a football season. She called on all actors of women football in country to join her in the initiative and wished that their passion of women football will grow more. 

The awards were given to talents in various categories of national women’s football championship during the 2018-2019 season. The award for the top scorer in the women’s Division Two went to Tabe Brenda while she was playing in Lekie FC. The award for the best player in Division Two went to Tim Shalom Makoma of Vision Sports of Bamenda. She was rewarded for her role in bringing her team to the first Division. 

For the other awards, the best coach of Division Two was won by the former coach of Vision Sports of Bamenda, Fang Fidel, while Coach Kpoumié Oudou of Louves MINPROFF won the award for the best coach in Division One. The best player for women’s Division One went to Adrienne Mekuko of AWA FC while Louves MINPROFF’s Flora Kameni got the top scorer award. Ngo Esse Marina equally of Louves MINPROFF went home with the award for the upcoming youth and the best referee trophy went to Marie Gorety. The award consisted in trophies, sports equipment and cash prizes.

The award night took place in the presence some Indomitable Lionesses in the likes of Gaelle Enganamouit, Nchout Ajara, Augustine Ejangue, amongst others, the General Manager of ANAFOOT, Carl Enow Ngachu, the President of the Cameroon Women’s League, Celine Eko and former Indomitable Lion, H.E. Albert Roger Milla.

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