Obituary : Runoff Kills 16-Year-Old Boy In Buea

Runoff water had killed a 16-year-old-boy in Ikundi Street in Buea Town, Fako Division. The unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday April 4, 2020 about 9:30 am following torrential rains that felt in Buea between 7 am and 10 am. The deceased, Ngwayi Emile, had returned from the farm that morning with a neigbour. After having his breakfast, he is said to have joined other children under the rain playing. They were putting their feet in the gutters almost overwhelmed with roaring runoff as explained by Kum Fina, neigbour. The overspill water would seize their slippers and they would collect on the tarmac below given that the gutters were overwhelmed. Unfortunate for Ngwayi Emile, his leg went deep and he was swept under a culvert. All efforts to rescue him alive by neigbours were fruitless. 

As explained by Nfor Eric, uncle to the deceased, Ngwayi Emile is a Class Six pupil of Government Primary School Buea Town who was due to write First School Leaving Certificate and the Common Entrance Examinations. He was moved to Buea from Wat Village in Nkambe in the face of ghost schools that confronted the North West and South West Regions due to political upheavals. The tragic incident was reported to the Police who came to the scene. The corpse of Ngwayi Emile is presently at the Buea Regional Hospital Mortuary pending funeral arrangement.

The effect of the heavy downpour in Buea on Saturday was that all gutters in all parts of the town were overwhelmed by gushing runoff. In Sand Pit neigbourhood, the runoff made away with a house, three-single-rooms, its possessions built on waterway. The hammering rains in Buea on April 4, 2020 followed the Flash Flood that hit the town on March 24, 2020 leaving inhabitants gnashing their teeth. Residents are worried on what lies ahead on this raining season in Buea.

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