Nwa: Rocky Safari Endpoint

Nwa, one of the subdivisions of Donga Mantung Division in the North West region is a tourists’ endpoint; the gymnastics of getting there by road, the enticing landscape, its cozy climate and its distance from the hurlyburly of city life is worth the experience!

Nwa is one of those subdivisions which have remained faithful to Republican institutions and upholds the values that create an enabling environment for peace, development and emergence; despite its enclavement and difficult terrain puntuated with rocks, hills and bumpy roads. Traveling to Nwa is absolute tourism. A dreamland for explorers! But it takes days to prepare for the trip. One must consider first aid medication to manage stress after a full day’s nerve-racking ride; then a transport fare of FCFA 9,500 and the type of vehicle to board. Of course nothing short of four wheeled fortified vans! Created in July 26th, 1963, Nwa Sub Division covers the main tribes of Yamba, Mfumte and Mbaw. Nwa constitutes some 49 villages whose inhabitants excel in agriculture and livestock production. Their neighbours include Ndu sub Division, Nkambe Central, Ako, Mbiame and Mayo Dale Sub Divisions. The Sardauna local government area of Nigeria’s Taraba State equally shares a long border with Nwa Sub Division.

 It’s a story of a people who turn full circle building the nation on a difficult terrain; the great producers of beans, cocoa, coffee, yams, groundnuts, sand etc. They are also role models of harmony. The need for good access roads to and from Nwa is strongly echoed by politicians and ordinary people, an amenity they all believe will curb the mass movement of young people out of the sub division. Their trademark is hard work. They cruise several border markets, feeding the local populations and neighbouring Nigeria.  It is also a sub Division that inspires hope with a young generation of elite poised to introduce a new chapter for community development and nation building.

Till now some civil servants posted to Nwa still describe the constituency as limbo, because they lack modern telephone communication networks, radio and TV signals. But, the elite say such adjectives shall soon be erased. There is commendable effort by government and indegenes to make life better in terms of health, education and daily needs.


 Nyanganji Job Indi: “We Hope To Emerge in 2035”

Secretary General, Mantung Elite Association.

“We have great fishermen in the Mbaw plain, great oil palm producers in Mfunte and we produce lots of groundnuts and rice, most of which is sold in neighbouring Nigeria. We are also great cattle rearers, producing the largest number of cattle markets in Donga Mantung. Nwa is the home to peace-loving and development-oriented people whose efforts are retarded by the absence of road.”

Thomas Nwunzeh: “Largest Maize Farm”


“We are in dire need of access roads to butress efforts towards development. Farmers find it challenging to transport their produce to neigbouring urban markets. There is nothing better than good road for the population. I am particularly convinced that the development of Nwa will jumpstart the day the Sop-Rom-Mbem-Nwa stretch shall be constructed. It’s our dream. Nwa Sub Division hosts the largest maize farm in West Africa, covering 3,000 hectares in Ntem village. But the produce needs to get to urban markets.


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