NW/SW crisis: Two CDC Workers Killed, 1.718 Jobs Threatened

The State is resolute to protect the 71-year-old Corporation whose five units are on the abyss edge.

It is a staring fact that the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) is bleeding from the current crisis rattling in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. The staff representative of the CDC, Honourable Efite Andrew, cried out to Cameroon’s Minister of Labour and Social Security, Gregoire Owona, recently in the Corporation’s yard as the Member of Government came to award labour medals to 504 workers of the Corporation.

Mr. Gregoire Owona replied that note was seriously taken and the competent authorities were going to take care of the situation. He said the Government was aware of the situation in the North West and South West and was leaving nothing to chance to bring peace and order in this part of the Country. 

The occasion was one of CDC’s leaps to rebuild the morale of its 20.000 workforce by offering silver, silver guilt and gold medals to its meritorious staff. The medal-award, coming 14 years after a similar event in 2004, was happening amid the pain of losing two of their young workers recently killed with gun bullets namely Puh Emelda of the Manyu project and Ewodu Ndjobo of Tombel Rubber Estate.   

The General Manager (GM) of the CDC, Franklin Ngoni Njie, wailed out to Government as sole proprietor of the CDC for special measures to salvage the Corporation from insecurity leading to the loss of human lives, destruction of property and slowdown of production in certain estates of the CDC.

In his words, “our operations are being adversely affected by the socio-political crisis that is prevailing in the North West and South West Regions. …While we thank the Administrative authorities for their support we want to reiterate that we are seriously threatened”

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